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What are the advantages of a fully automatic three-axis wire rolling machine?


Product performance of three-axis wire rolling machine:

1. Professional design of pipe parts, supported by equal triangles, ensures straightness, concentricity, and verticality during rolling.

2. Fixed roll through dual use is optional, and variable frequency control can be used for spindle transmission to achieve stepless speed regulation.

3. The feed is controlled by an oil pressure electrical device, which is easy to operate.

4. The transmission gear is heat treated and ground, with small transmission clearance, low noise, and long-lasting durability.

5. Suitable for products such as oil pipe joints, bicycles, automotive parts, heat dissipation pipe joints, air conditioning evaporators, condenser fittings, etc.

Principle of Fully Automatic Three Axis Thread Rolling Machine

1. Both the front and back wires are fully automatic circuits. After each thread rolling is completed, there is no need to manually press the button.

2. The rib stripping part is opened on both sides, which saves labor in operation and makes accessories less prone to damage, improving work efficiency.

3. Adopting a spiral angle raising machine head, the processing length can reach 120mm, the tooth shape accuracy is high, the thread head has no taper, and the threading is labor-saving. The rolling wheel can save 13.

4. The front and back threads can be completed with just one machine head, making it easy to adjust,

5. Improved efficiency by 14% compared to regular machines.

If the connection is reversed, the coolant cannot come out, or very little comes out. The main motor can be left or right rotated according to the selection switch on the panel of the processed workpiece and the rolling mold used. If there is an error in the phase sequence, simply change the position of the two arbitrary phase lines in the power line. If the rotation directions of the hydraulic pump and the cooling water pump are opposite, the wires inside the hydraulic motor junction box can be replaced. Thread rolling machine is a specialized mechanical equipment for producing external circumferential threads.

The full-automatic three-axis thread rolling machine has the following characteristics: 1. The machine tool integrates machinery, electrical equipment and hydraulic pressure, and each system has advanced technology and stable performance. 2. During operation, simply lightly press the start button, and the machine can automatically complete the entire process of clamping, feeding, rib stripping, diameter adjustment, thread rolling, returning, and loosening the required workpiece. 3. The entire process of processing workpieces (wire length ≤ 200mm) on this machine tool takes about 35 seconds. 4. This machine tool has a large processing range and can process various metal rod body threads within the M16-27 range. It is a dual purpose machine that integrates diameter adjustment and thread rolling. With one clamping operation, two processing processes can be completed, namely individual diameter adjustment and thread rolling. One device is equivalent to the general processing method, and two devices are used. 5. The thread profile processed by this machine tool is good, with high accuracy, and fully meets the requirements of the MT146.12-2002 standard.

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