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What are the maintenance contents of the wire rolling machine?


Even when the wire rolling machine is not in use, maintenance should be carried out on the equipment to prevent malfunctions that may delay work. Equipment that has not been used for too long is likely to malfunction, so it is important to pay attention to maintenance when idle. Below, we will introduce the maintenance content of the wire rolling machine.

1. Check that there are no obstacles, impurities, or new scratches, abrasions, or bumps on the bed, workbench, guide rails, and other main sliding surfaces of the equipment;

2. Check the handles, valves, rods, and major components of each operating mechanism;

3. Check whether all safety protection devices are complete, intact, and installed correctly and reliably;

4. Check if the oil level in the lubrication area is sufficient;

5. Check for any abnormal loosening of major components, components, and fasteners.

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