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Characteristics and application of high-precision hydraulic tooth roller


High-precision oil-pressure rolling machine is a kind of equipment widely used in machining industry, which is mainly used for rolling teeth, tapping and other precision thread processing. This equipment is driven by oil pressure, which has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency and high stability. This paper will introduce the features, working principle, application and maintenance of the tooth rolling equipment.

Features: 1. High precision: high precision hydraulic roller machine adopts high precision ball screw, linear guide rail and other precision components, with advanced numerical control technology, with high processing accuracy; 2. High Efficiency: the equipment adopts hydraulic drive, has the big torque and the power, can realize the high speed feed and the high efficiency processing; 3. High stability: the tooth rolling equipment adopts fully enclosed structure, with good dust-proof, rust-proof, anti-interference and other performance, to ensure long-term stable operation; 4. Wide applicability: the equipment is suitable for thread processing of various materials and specifications, and can meet the needs of different industries and different users; 5. Easy operation and maintenance: the equipment adopts the advanced numerical control technology, the operation is simple and convenient, at the same time the equipment maintenance is simple, the service life is long.

2. Working principle: the high-precision oil-pressure rolling machine is driven by oil pressure. The oil pump conveys the hydraulic oil to the ball screw and the motor, thus driving the worktable to move in a straight line. At the same time, the feed system through the ball screw rotary motion into linear motion, the realization of workpiece feed. In the process of machining, the workpiece is fixed on the worktable through the fixture, and the cutter cuts the workpiece to finish the thread machining. Application: At present, the rolling tooth equipment is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electronics and other industries. For example, in automotive manufacturing, it can be used for processing automotive parts of the thread; in aerospace, can be used for processing a variety of high-precision threaded parts. 4. Maintenance: in order to maintain the good performance of the tooth rolling equipment and extend its service life, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance. These include: 1. Check the cleanliness and quality of hydraulic oil regularly to ensure the normal operation of hydraulic system. 2. Check the accuracy and wear of fixture, adjust or replace it in time.

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